Radio Show Ideas

Below I will list and explore some ideas for the upcoming radio show assignment:

  • The Spy Stories: This would just be a story told through audio about Aaron Brand (my spy character) and the other spy characters of the other students in the group. My group mates and I will collaborate and come up with an appropriate story based on our spy characters and their backgrounds.
  • Spy Music: This idea could be a radio show of songs that have secret agent themes, with secret agent references spread throughout. I’ve had a lot of fun doing my radio show on the campuses radio this year, and I like making a playlist of songs and tying them together with audio clips that fit the tone or theme.
  • Interview a Spy: This show could be a fun idea. We could have someone in our group roleplay as an interviewer, while the rest of us roleplay as our spy characters, while they’re being interviewed. Or, we could all be our characters at some point being interviewed.

I’m sure there are other ideas that will be brought to the table by my peers, but I think these are a few ideas we can build off of.

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